In loving memory and gratitude

Andy Engel is a family man. In loving memory and gratitude to his parents Fritz and Rosa Engel he thinks back of the wonderful time with them. His parents always stood by his side. They were always there for him.

Thankfully over the values ​​that they have given him in life: honesty, loyalty, love  and the ardent passion for the craft. These have become the basics elements of his life.

Andy’s mother Rosa Engel has besides all the housework and bringing up four children also propped yet complete agricultural work. So your husband Fritz has gone about his work in the forge, in agriculture and its many volunteer club activities, Rosa held her husband Fritz always back free and was too good for no work.

Andy’s father, the blacksmith master Fritz Engel, was active into old age in their own forge and never lost in life the desire for his work. His work and the family who means everything to him and he was, despite his modesty very proud of his work.

With dedication and patience Fritz Engel also has other generations like to explain how the ancient craft of the blacksmith and carriage smith exerted. From kindergarten children about students to the adult, he was able to convince with its pleasant and sympathetic nature and inspire. Even the Bavarian Television admired the old crafts and turned a story about Andy’s father Fritz in 2009.

Huf- und Wagenschmiedemeister Fritz Engel
Kindergartenkinder Seinsheim bei Fritz Engel 2009
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